The application of the Wall Panel Cladding Machine

Wall Panel Cladding Machine (Metal wall cladding panel machine)

Wall panel cladding are available in several types and forms-from normal wooden panels to 3D wall panels. Their types differ in material, texture and dimensions. Some of the common indoor wall cladding types is wood cladding, steel cladding, stone cladding, etc.


Metal wall cladding panel machine is one of our most featuring products. The metal call cladding panel materials are widely used in high class facilities such as airport suspending, railway station, office and etc. This equipment is used for the production of fast-installed color steel wall panels, which can flexibly adjust the product width and meet the needs of the market for multiple specifications.

It can save equipment investment costs for equipment purchasers and reduce the purchase of equipment quantities, so it can also reduce plant costs. This equipment is fully automatic, from raw materials uncoil to final products bending forming fully automatic, which can reduce the number of workers and reduce labor costs, while the efficiency has been doubled. Moreover, compared with the traditional multi-process production method, it reduces the machine occupied space by multi-process circulation and reduces production costs.

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